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The Roforofo fight Between Femi Fani-Kayode And Jimoh Ibrahim

Two controversial political figures, former spokesperson to the Goodluck Jonathan campaign, Femi Fani-Kayode and controversial billionaire, Jimoh Ibrahim went for each other’s jugular on twitter following the controversial court battle regarding Ondo state gubernatorial election scheduled for Saturday. Soon as the Court of Appeal knocked out Mr. Ibrahim as the People’s Democratic Party candidate on Wednesday, Fani-Kayode who was recently released from detention by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission fired the first salvo accusing Ibrahim of being a spoiler.

 Then, everything went downhill from there…

Jimoh Ibrahim is a ravenous beast. Everything he touches turns to shit. When you put a pig in a big fine house it will still shit in the

corridors and sitting room and foul it up because that is what pigs do. That is Jimoh for u. He is a

I would be demystifying myself to be trading words with Femi Fani-Kayode. Someone who will sing & dance makoosa for you if you give him food

If you know someone that know Femi Fani-Kayode help me pass this message to him; “I AM A BILLIONAIRE. I DON’T HAVE A CASE WITH EFCC.”

big, fat, ugly, greedy and disgusting pig. He was born and raised in the guttter and the gutter never left him.

Some1 tell Fani-Kayode that before 2019 i would have gotten world-best scientists to come up wit a cure for his undiagnosed bipolar disorder

I warned PDP about Ali Modu Sheriff right from the outset. He was an APC mole and agent of destruction. Thankfully God has now removed him.

Tell Femi Fani-Kayode that my father was never called a traitor. I never married more than ONCE and i dont have a room in Kuje Prison.

Someone tell Jimoh Ibrahim that if he wasnt a sodomite he would have been jailed long ago and that he WILL have a case with EFCC after 2019

Tell Jimoh the pig that unlike him I do not have a covenant with the devil, I am not a ritualist and I do not sleep in coffins for money.

I was glad to have grounded and banned Jimoh the pigs shitty airline EAS in 2006 when I was Min. of Aviation.His planes were flying coffins.

Pl tell Jimoh Ibrahim that his over stretched anus from his sodomy activities needs to be stiched up and his schizophenia must be trreated.

Tell Jimoh Ibrahim that I do not owe banks money,I do not buy companies and destroy them,I do not owe my workers salary and I do not brag.

Please help me to ask Femi Fani-Kayode that how many plates of Jollof rice do i need to get him served before he sings and dance for me?

Pl tell Jimoh Ibrahim that unlike him I am not a fraudster,I am not a political spoiler,I am not an agent of destruction and I am not a spy

Pl tell Jimoh that my father was not a bricklayer,my mother was not a fish seller,I do not owe banks and salaries and I never marrird a dog.

Pl tell Jimoh Ibrahim that his room in Kirikiri is under construction. It will be ready for him by 2019 when his friends have left power.

Pl tell Jimoh Ibrahim that I have plenty of jollof rice in my house and I don’t dance for food. Also ask him how many men he sodomised and

and how many dead bodies he slept with before he made some change and left the pigsty.

I have given Jimoh the pig enough of my time. I will tell him the rest face to face whenever and wherever I see him. I look forward to that.

Out of deferrence to my followers I have decided not to continue to engage Jimoh the pig any further. Thanks for your concern. Shalom.

The twitterstorm ended with Fani-Kayode claiming his followers had prevailed on him to stop joining issues with Mr. Jimoh.

Femi Fani-Kayode vs. Jimoh Ibrahim

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