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Notable Truth About Law That Forces Adeboye To Resign As G.O

Nigeria will move forward when we separate religion from governance and reality. We keep saying “this can not happen in advance countries” when law did not favour us. This practice is obtainable in U.K. It’s even harsh in U.K because non-profit making organization submit their statement of account to government every year.

The case of Ashimolowo & Oyedepo in U.K is still fresh in my mind. It would have been given religious meaning if it was to be in Nigeria. Ashimolowo was instructed by the U.K govt to pay back the money while Oyedepo was ban from entering U.K for some certain years which I can not remember for now.
The churches have every right to pursue the case uptil Supreme Court.
CAN should stop making it look like Buhari was behind this law. The law has been on since GEJ regime.

Nobody is ready to do more investigation on who actually introduced the law but were all quick to judge by blaming this government.Jonathan brought the law and people are now seeing it as a way for Buhari to ‘Islamised’ Nigeria. The truth is that if FRCN yield to pressure and suspend the code, the masses will be most affected. Although the churches will be more affected than the mosques

The heads of the Anglican, Catholic, Methodist, Baptist etc retire at the age of 70 and this has been on for ages; why can’t the rest do the same if they are true to their God? Let the law go on!

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