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7 reasons, Zenith Bank is the best

Being a customer of the numerous banks in Nigeria comes with different perks and challenges, as the sector itself is bedeviled with the infrastructural lapses inherent in Nigeria. However, of all the commercial banks, Zenith Bank has proven to be the pacesetter not only in terms of innovation and infrastructural capabilities, but remained shoulder high above them all since it was founded in 1990.
Zenith Bank currently ranks as the number one commercial bank in Nigeria not only in terms of customer deposits and profits, but in several other aspects of banking. Little wonder, retail and commercial banking customers, including investors, continue to do business with Zenith Bank.
Zenith Bank has continued to provide quality financial services to different sectors in Nigeria including some Key West African Countries, Asia and Europe.
The bank mirrors the hopes and aspirations of every Nigerian and Africa at large.
As a banking customer who has enjoyed the services of several banks in Nigeria, settling for Zenith as the best did not come off without the bank going beyond others in meeting my high expectations in terms of the service offering and values which they have consistently delivered over the years.
Here are seven reasons, Zenith Bank is the best and why you should use the bank.
1. Respect for individuals
Ever wandered into a banking hall and be unsure of where you are or how to go about what you want to do? This does not apply to Zenith. Right from the entrance you are welcomed by courteous and professional security officers and when ushered into the banking hall, it is another world entirely. The cuteness and swagger of the bank’s staff is a wonder to behold. If you are like me and you want to save your money where you have posh and crisp cashiers, tellers, customer service representatives and account officers – welcome to Zenith Bank.
2. Integrity/financial stability
Has the financial stability of your bank ever been a source of concern for you? I was also in that position, but with Zenith’s position as the number one commercial bank in Nigeria and with total assets of more than $14.8 billion and market capitalization of $2.3 billion, be rest assured that your deposit is secure for now and in the future.
3. Excellent customer service
We all know that good customer service beats cost most time but Zenith brings that to the table at no extra cost.  My experience with Zenith Bank proves that their customer service goes beyond satisfying the customer. Their goal is to surpass expectations by delighting customers and ensuring their loyalty and the bank has mine. The bank’s personalized banking service is an experience to look forward to as everything about you as an individual is valued in terms of your  – experience, uniqueness, knowledge, skills and potential – regardless of age, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality or position. No matter the time, no matter the weather, be rest assured that your needs(whether queries or complaints) will be resolved swiftly and with ease. The effectiveness and efficiency of the team is unquestionable and you should come see it for yourself.
4. Innovation
I remember having a chat with one of my colleagues about happenings in the banking sector and how it is slowly turning into a red ocean as every bank tend to copy innovations from other banks with reckless abandon – but if you are an individual with keen eye for innovation like me, someone who likes blazing the trail in everything, Zenith Bank is the answer. Zenith offers range of products that cuts across both the public and private space, appealing to different strata of the society. With wide spread alternative banking solutions, Life is easy when you bank with Zenith.
5. Products for everyone
Another reason you should bank with Zenith is because of the different products available at the bank. Zenith has more than 500 branches spread across Nigeria each with ATMs. The bank also has several digital products which have made banking easy for their customers both within and outside the shores of Nigeria. Some of these products include:
Zenith Bank Savings Account – The Zenith Individual and Salary Savings Accounts are recommended if you have specific savings goals in mind or you just want to start setting money aside. The account offers competitive interest rates, debit and credit cards, email/SMS transaction notifications and free access to the Bank’s Internet banking platform, mobile app and other digital solutions.
Zenith Bank Individual Current Account – The Zenith Bank Current Account is a flexible current account that allows you bank and perform financial transactions at your convenience from anywhere in the world. Account holders enjoy a branded cheque book, debit and credit cards, email/SMS transaction notifications and free access to the Bank’s internet banking platform, mobile app and other digital solutions.
Zenith Bank Children’s Account (ZECA): Ages 0-12 – The Zenith Children’s Account (ZECA) is a unique savings account designed to allow parents save for their children’s future while teaching children the benefits of financial discipline and savings in a fun way. ZECA offers competitive interest rates and supports cheque, draft and dividend lodgements.
Zenith Bank Children’s Account For Teens (ZECA Teens): Ages 13-17 – ZECA Teens is designed to avail teenagers aged 13 to 17 years with all the benefits of the Zenith Children’s Account and a customized Naira MasterCard (a prepaid card issued upon Parent’s request), so they can start learning to manage money.
Zenith Bank Aspire Account – The Zenith Aspire Account is an interest-bearing savings account for Nigerian undergraduates that offer them competitive savings rates, free access to zenith alternative channels, account transaction notifications, a customized debit card and discounts at select retail partners.
Key Features of these Accounts include
Zero Account Opening Balance
Earn competitive interest on your deposits

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