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7 key factors responsible for Atiku’s defeat

Die is cast, at this stage, the election has been won and lost..Analysts  will lists several factors, but here we serve you the core reasons on one hand’s finger  tips.

(1) The north  in Nigeria  rejected him. voting realities made a mess of calculations that Atiku would successfully square up to Buhari in the north. The masses up north still have  same mentality of cult believe in Buhari’s integrity, friends of the poor.

And so, it happened that wherever you have a predominance of enlightened cum rational electorate, Atiku had a smooth sail. Nowhere else was this more demonstrated than in the south-west, where Atiku’s performance surpassed our expectation! Such expectation, of course, was informed by the reason of Buhari’s running mate hailing from there. But the south-west, contrary to our expectation, simply delivered satisfactorily for Atiku. Of course, the southeast and, to a large extent, the south-south were a given for him.

With this kind of performance from the south generally, Atiku would have been home and dry, if he had garnered even half of the result from his own people – the northerners – as he did from his southern supporters. But they frown against (religious) liberalism and we thought it didn’t matter. And this is the result.

So, it’s the north that actually rejected Atiku! Quite an irony…

(2)Obasanjo had done very deep collateral damage to Atiku’s personality.. verbally, and in print.. Last minute recount and l have forgiven him tactics was not enough.

(3)Power of incumbency by APC and Buhari is also fundamental.. All his plans, tactics  and strategies were monitored with appurtenances of government. The Dubai plans and counter moves is an example.

(4). No passion from almost all big men around him..The came from APC with individual ambition  to be president, Tambulwal, Saraki,.Kwakwanso.. So, though Atiku emerged for his deep pocket,  and believe that he can tackle  Buhari.. From then on, it was like his project alone.

(5) Game of numbers, statistics..

It was statistically impossible for Atiku to win, .politics  is based on structure. As at the day of the elections, APC was in control of 22 states, while the PDP controlled 13 and APGA One.

No governor would surrender his state to the opposition because the template of the presidential elections would be the same with the coming gubernatorial elections. Even if the governor is not on the ballot, he is sponsoring a successor. He will fight tooth and nail to deliver his party in all the elections.”

the votes in the presidential elections were consistent with the structural realities of Nigeria’s party politics.

Governors are very powerful in our country, even the seemingly harmless looking ones like that fellow in Akwa Ibom. Governors ate usually in charge  of the internal power structures.

(6)Atiku is greatly  responsible  for his defeat.. He was not ready. He had no convincing message to the electorates until his last days of campaigns. He assumed, rather arrogantly too, that Nigerians as alternative vote for him.

(7)..Campaign ..When campaigns began, Atiku and his Atikulated recycle old fake certificate story that Jonathan ran on and was flogged. Instead of Atiku to engage the electorates as to why he was better than a sick old President, they got busy with stupid same ole cliches that Buhari did not earn a school certificate. This people spent the first half of the campaigns period to bombard us with this childish conversation. Then when it did not work, they changed to tell us that Buhari had died and his clone was ruling from Aso Rock, his clone was tagged Jubril from The Sudan. By the time dem finished with that narratives, he ran to America and back within 24 hours, like DHL Package, just to prove he can enter  America.
Atiku blew his chances and the abundant opportunities to defeat a vulnerable incumbent.

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