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Politics!..Plots for 9th Sen. President begins !..Ahmed favoured amongst likely 9

Not too early in politics .. But one thing  is certain,Buhari is keenly interested  this time  around on who becomes Senate President.. He has experience  of saraki ‘s emergence and its dare consequences.
●Zoning, Experience & Powerplay To Determine
●Choice Of Party Chieftains May Rock The Boat Again

Senate President likely to come from one of the four other zones namely North Central, South East, South West and South South since Buhari and Osinbajo are from North West and South West respectively.

Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan is from Yobe State. He is representing Yobe North. He is a four-term Senator which gives him the rare advantage of experience. Aside this huge factor, he is an ally of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who did everything possible to ensure Lawan gets the seat/position of Senate President in the 8th Senate/NASS but the moves were foiled by the doggedness of outgoing Senate President Abubakar Bukola Saraki.
With Saraki now out of the way, it is very likely that Lawan could get this top job if the South East Senators of the APC allow Tinubu to bulldoze his way through the influence he weilds around the party. More so, Buhari will not want a repeat of the mistake that saw the emergence of Saraki as Senate President in 2015. He may throw his full weight behind Tinubu’s choice this time. In 2015, Buhari didn’t want to dabble into the “internal matters” of the Senate leadership. All that may change now.
However, Tinubu and Buhari may have to thread softly to avoid another backlash in any attempt to influence the choice of who becomes the Senate President. There may be crisis even if it doesn’t take the shape and size of that of Saraki in 2015.

He is a first time senator representing Bauchi Central. He was in the House of Reps in the 8th NASS. On ground of inexperience this young man may be kept out. But he could be favoured through the zoning arrangement especially if for any reason, Ahmed Lawan fails to get the position. However, Jika has an outsider’s chance. He is nowhere near the seat so to say.

He is the Deputy Chief Whip of the 8th Senate/NASS. Alimikhena is representing the good people of Edo North. He has the experience just as he enjoys the support of his party’s National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole who is from his senatorial district.
If for any reason, the Senate President seat is zoned to the South South, Alimikhena should be among the few Senators to be looked at but, will the party zone such plum job to a zone (and state) that produced the National Chairman of the party in person of Oshiomhole?

He is the controversial Senator who carted away the mace towards the end of the 8th Srnate/NASS. He represents Delta Central. In fact, he is the only APC Senator from Delta.
Omo-Agege is a two term Senator. This speaks of his political strength and character especially when it is considered that he hails from a state and zone almost totally controlled by the PDP
It is not likely that he is considered given his antecedents, character and activities but in a zoning process anything could happen.

He represents Nasarawa West. He is a third term Senator which gives him an added advantage of experience. He was governor of Nasarrawa State between 1999 and 2007. He is one of those to be considered if the seat of Senate President is to be zoned to North Central where the outgoing Senate President, Abubakar Bukola Saraki hails from.

Like Abdullahi Adamu, Tanko Al-Makura is from Nasarawa. He represents Nasarawa South. He is just entering the Senate for the first time having just left office as Governor.
Inexperience may be his greatest undoing if the position is zoned to North Central but his loyalty to his party especially to President Muhammadu Buhari could be a factor that his party could look at to wave aside all other key factors working against his emergence.

The man who defeated the outgoing Senate President. This may just be the major factor that the APC will hold onto in making Oloriegbe a surprise choice to succeed the man he took to the canvass in Kwara Central senatorial election.
He is a first term senator which leaves him with no experience. But APC chieftains may want to make something out of Oloriegbe by empowering him to permanently get Kwara out of the stronghold of Saraki especially as Saraki will now concentrate fully on ensuring his party’s candidate wins the governorship election which could sustain his relevance in Kwara.

He represents Abia North Central. He is a first timer in the Senate but this will not undermine his political influence having being governor between 1999 and 2007.
If the South East will be considered for the Senate President position which should be expected this time as one of the ways to correct the wrongs of the Muhammadu Buhari administration since 2015 in the area of lopsided appointments then, one of the Senators that will go the log is OUK as he us fondly called.
However, it is left to be seen if inexperience will not be thrown up as an excuse to knock off his chances or get him off the radar.

He is the outgoing governor of Imo State. He will be representing the people of Imo West in the 9th Senate. He is going to the Senate for the first time. This could be a major factor against Owelle.
He surely will be on line for the position of Senate President. He has been a very loyal party member despite the fact that crisis within the party in Imo has drastically reduced his influence and shaken his structure to its foundation.
One factor that may work against Okorocha is the Bola Tinubu factor. Both men have their eyes on 2023 Presidency. This is a big reason why Tinubu will not align with the choice of Okorocha as Senate President because such position will help stabilise Okorocha’s structure and urge him on. But in politics you never say never….anything can happen. The table may just turn in Okorocha’s favour talking about the Senate President’s position if he so desire it and if it will be rightly zoned to the South East…and of course if he is prepared for the likely dirty battle ahead. Saraki was well prepared for it and he won in 2015.

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