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Low turnout recorded across the country…5 factors

So the 15 million people who voted Buhari in the last presidential elections are now unhappy to come out for their governors and assembly leaders two weeks later?

Despite Monmouth crowd during presidential, gubernatorial campaign, this is the most embarrassing and abysmal low turnout of voters.

From Jos at murumba polling unit that has over 1,800 registered voters, surprisingly, it was recorded less than 150 voters came out to perform their civic rights.

Yet to understand the real causes of this low turnout factually in every polling unit today.Readers send in their  thinking.. See below.

(1)The real cause of voters apathy was that Nigerians were disappointed about what happened 2 weeks ago during the presidential election because after voting with enthusiasm some useless people will rig and put whoever they want meaning that our votes doesn’t counts . Unless things changes in this country people will no longer belief in INEC..

People are tired because they believe  their votes don’t count.

(2)INEC staff in some parts of Lagos are protesting that they won’t conduct election today because of non payment of their allowances.

No voting across Kosofe LG, Lagos as of 13:30hrs. INEC officials yet to turn up!..Many of them are not even committed…and when voters wait in vain for so long,they are unwilling  to come back to polling units.. And some are quite  a voters’houses.

(3) Intimidating thugs lurking around some polling units.,

(4)over militarisation  of some adjoining  streets to polling booths.

(5)protest and some are disappointed by general non performance of people voted in the past.





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