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A second look @ O to ge concept in Kwara state

A second look @ O to ge concept in Kwara state..

Otooge: A Rancorous Song?

Otooge represents SEVEN conflicting interests in Kwara politics.

1. Buhari’s interest to punish Saraki.

2. Tinubu’s conquest interest.

3. Lai Mohammed’s interest to step into The Godfather’s shoe

4. Interest of the old associates of Bukola’s father.
They see his son as too stingy. Baba was hailed for spreading butter on all bread. This group even prefer Gbemisola for Governor. Like her father, Gbemi is another “Gbaa si be!”

5. Interest of erstwhile friends of Bukola who want to move up. After all, political powers are never hereditary. Na turn by turn!

6. Ilorin Afonja interest. They want a Yoruba Oba and nothing less.

7. The interest of the sons and daughters of the soil to liberate Kwara.

In Nigeria’s brand of politics, the last interest is expendable. If Saraki were to be on Buhari’s side, he would have rigged Kwara for APC. It is not today that people have been voting against Saraki!

If Saraki begs Buhari and Tinubu and they accept, the new Gov will have no choice but to accept a political marriage with Saraki to solidify his victory.

The poor are mere puns in the complex power game of the rich.

Please, freely disagree.

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