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YOU NEWS Editorial : prosecute principal actors of Lagos collapsed building now!

Editorial board of You News has call for investigation  and immediate  punishments of principal actors involved in that collapsed  school  building in Lagos. The proverbial  saying that we learn geology  the morning  after earthquake should not be a reoccurring decimal.

Then, government also need to carry out integrity test on other building’s,most of the building are old enough to be replaced..

Listening to Gov Ambode last night on the collapsed building one could conclude that what happened yesterday in Itafaji was not a case of building collapse.

It was simply mass murder.And the culprits are not ghosts. We know all of them.

Officials of the Lagos State Building Control Agency( in the Ministry of Physical Planning)who ought to have brought down the building , the owner of the building(who resisted) and those who went to set up a school in such decrepit building murdered those kids. And they were aided by whoever saw the “marked for demolition” sign on the property and still went to live there or send his /her kids to school there.

Expectedly, no one would be tried, jailed or hanged for this crime against humanity. In a few days from now, another tragedy or comedy would happen and we’ll forget this and move on… like it happened in the case of TB Joshua’s Synagogue. What does it take to have a society where there are consequences for wrong doing?

Why is it so difficult to punish people(especially big men) who misbehave in this city?

You need is so sure that most parents of those poor pupils would have been warned about the danger of placing their children in that weak building housing that school, and their reply would be the usual in Nigeria: “GOD WILL PROTECT THEM. IT’S GOD THAT PROTECTS US ALL”. Where is the Reason God has imbued them with to apply in a situation like this?

A building the government wanted to pull down but occupants refused to vacate? It’s a shame Ministry of physical planning should be questioned. Same with education.

Action on these is far better and sensible than condolences from government  officials after preventable monumental  tragedies.

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