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Opinion: Deserted by associates…what’s next for Saraki

Bukola Saraki is in severe (CIFIA) pains right now. He didn’t just lose only an election, but in the process, he lost power, influence, people, kingdoms, his job, his business, his means of livelihood and most of all, sense of direction.

Now he wakes up in the morning and knows not where to go, or what next to do with himself.

For the first time in his life, he is faced with the reality which most people deal with daily; he has to work and truly earn his living.

Strangely, this must be very depressing and traumatic to a spolit brat who has never worked one day for all he has. Having lived on largesse from government and rip-off on the masses, looting and all other proceeds of corruption to arrive at where he is today.

Despite being a medical doctor, since he never practiced one day, he cannot even remember how to treat common cold or flu, let alone return to that profession. Unfortunately, despite all the loots in his possession, he doesn’t even have a private clinic, no matter how small, to go back to! Neither can he return to his invissible phony rice farm or mill through which he claimed to have made his obscene fortune.

Definitely there can be no money windfalls from the sky for him anymore.

Worse still, l’m not sure he can walk freely on the streets of any Kwara town again, and when he sneaks in and out of Ilorin, there will be lesser number of RANKADEDEs for his ego massage henceforth, since that self imposed title of “Leader” of Kwarans has also vaporized.

All of these are on his mind right now, and must be the reason for his reported running from pillar to post begging APC leaders to let him return, for without being in a government, he cannot survive one year before running bankrupt or and going to jail on account of his past.

The people of Kwara know him well and know what is best for them when they compulsorily and totally cut down, demystified and retired Bukola Saraki from Nigerian politics at ALL levels. And it will be the greatest disservice to, and betrayer of them for APC leaders to have him back through the ceiling.

It is a foolish decision that will do them no good, since it is now clear that the bloke has no political value to add to any party, let alone APC, both at local, state or national levels. He is a lecherous parasite that overstated his political worth and defrauded the people for so long.

APC leaders; let this sleeping dog lie, please.


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