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Who believes OGD on quitting politics ?…If Atiku had won…

OGD out of politics? Don’t believe him for too long….

Gbenga Daniel says he’s quiting active politics. Honestly, that’s dramatic.
But I say don’t believe him for too long, because someday he’ll come back through the back door.
And Nigerian politicians, just as they are good at plotting drama, have an uncanny way of explaining away their dramatic actions.
There’s no doubt that OGD is fed up on the crisis that started with him as a central figure in Ogun PDP about 10 years ago as governor and leader of the party in the state. Worse still, it doesn’t look like the crisis was about to subside during the campaigns. But he found a leeway with the recently concluded governorship election where he reached out to support the APC candidate, Dapo Abiodun who is now the governor-elect. For OGD, any magic that would bundle Governor Ibikunle Amosun out of the Oke Mosan Government House was a good deal. Amosun since becoming governor in 2011 had ridden roughshod on fellow actors, behaving like a little god and with unshielded arrogance that the state was in his pocket. The confusion in PDP provided OGD a wonderful opportunity to join forces with the potent APC machinery to deal a blow to Amosun and bring him down.
Now, what has OGD done with his dramatic exit from the PDP and the announcement of his quiting partisan politics?
Having been part of the efforts to bring Dapo to victory, he could not immediately jump on the APC train so he’s not dismissed as playing opportunistic politics. He has to bid his time and be calculative. To supplant the narrative that he’s only tried to catch on the Dapo Abiodun project to dump the struggling PDP for the APC he needs a sort of facade that will suggest he’s now for no one but for everyone, which is what he has smartly done. He’s out of the fiasco called the Ogun PDP and not to be linked to any party, or so it seems.
But wait for Dapo Abiodun to get into office. In less than three months the shadows of OGD will start lurking around in Oke Mosan. Persons who are visibly associated with OGD may make Dapo’s cabinet. And so, little by little you may begin to hear that OGD’s large followers and others that will fall in the amorphous category of “my people” have been begging him to return and give them leadership as well as continue his incomparable service to the country.
So, when a politician gets to that, what does he do?
That’s when OGD will come round again to tell you he has had to bow to the wish of his people and respond to their call. Which party he returns to at that time is better left to the unseen dynamics of the future.

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