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Worries over unorganised pre paid metre installations

How can an Electricity Distribution Company which install meters like this provide stable electricity and good services ? This is one of such worrisome questions from you news readers .

As solution provider ,we bring you key points from installations  guide, then your right and what you and l can do to curb the mess.

Electric energy prepayment meter will most likely be mounted on a wall. A wooden mount will first be installed for the Electronic system. The wooden mount of the old unit can also be used. The Prepayment meter must be installed where it will be easily assessable to the user and the power holding company (PHCN).

The energy-metering unit should be easily accessible to the power company (PHCN) and hence must be installed in an outdoor environment. This will enable the power company to monitor your Electronic meter’s performance. It will also enable the power company to easily detect energy cheats or tampering. The energy-metering unit must be properly covered with the cover provided. This will protect it from the elements.

The Electronic prepayment meter must be installed above the reach of children. This point is very important as these new Electronic units are not as ugly as the old ones and with their colorful light may look attractive to kids.

It is possible for the two units to be installed in the same place if it is convenient for both parties (Power Company and customer). However, if a convenient location cannot be found for the installation of both units of the Electronic meter then they must be installed separately. In such a situation the power company (PHCN) must decide where is most convenient for the energy-metering unit while you (the customer) decide the best place for the monitor unit.

In order to save the communication cable, the power company technicians may prefer installing both units of the Electronic energy prepayment meter in the same location. However, you must insist that the monitor unit be installed in a convenient place for you (the customer). This must be indoors. By the way, the communication cable connects the energy-metering unit to the monitor unit

Once you are through with these decisions, the power company technician should now install the new Electronic energy prepayment meter.

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