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Wonder investment company elopes with #millions in Ilesa, many hospitalised

Like 4 months ago, a particular strange Company called “QUALITY CAPITAL MANAGEMENT NIG LTD” entered the city of Ilesa from nowhere. They firstly settled an office in Irojo and later moved to Okesa, the former Co – Operative Bank building. The company recruited Ijesha youths as staffs, they painted their office well with nice colours of paints, they put our President’s portrait and that of the governor on the wall of their offices.

The major business they claim they do is “LOAN and INVESTMENT”. They ask you to bring your money and get back 50% return in 15 days. They also give out soft loan up to the tune of #500,000 to individuals. Infact, you must go to Court to swear an affidavit that you want to borrow from them.

I visited their office on Monday this week and I was still there yesterday to inquire more of them while their staff and agents claimed they invest the money on bitcoin and other investments which they never disclosed. I tried to argue with them just yesterday as a learned fellow on cryptocurrency that is never possible to make that money. I saw more than enough people of different calibres, market women, farmers, Okada riders, teachers, Local government staffs, old and young etc bringing their thousands and millions of naira in cash to invest there. Surprisingly, the most gullible ones bringing their money to invest there even saw me as a stupid person who is not ready to succeed with the level of arguments I put on the staff of the company yesterday which they couldn’t attend to.

To call the story short, I was on my way driving to roundabout Ilesa just about an hour ago when a darling one called me that these people are gone. I argued on phone that it was not possible until I got there myself to see. Lol and behold, they have duped us again out of our greediness. I saw people crying, putting blames on others who invited them to the fraudulent company, I saw people cursing themselves etc. THE COMPANY HAD ELOPED!

Now, who do we blame for this loss and stupidity? OUR MILLIONS OF NAIRA IS GONE AGAIN. I learnt some of our people are now presently on admission at different hospitals battling with the shock.

Familusi Oladele Isaiah, FOI writes from Ilesa.
18th April, 2019.

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