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Prince Harry eulogizes wife, all women for enduring labour room pains

“I’m incredibly proud of my wife…
I don’t know how women are able to do what they do. It’s beyond comprehension”.

Prince Harry was with Meghan in the Labour room while the Baby Boy was born who is now 7th in line to the British royal throne.

His remark here did not just express delight at the birth of his Son, he did not miss the opportunity to praise women and doff his hat for the rigorous process they undergo in bringing another LIFE to LIFE.

Prince Harry is every inch his mother, Lady Diana. Charismatic, chivalrous and with such charm that transformed her into the beguiling nexus for the Royal family.

That singular complement, that women are incredibly deserving of praise for bringing us all to life was the catch for me in his remarks. He understands how to move his world and command followership. Little wonder, his huge sea of Instagram followers have become a hushed concern for the rather conservative UK royal family. It’s left to be seen if his larger than life image will not reenact an encore with Lady D’s tragic climax.

But on this topic, while they are not perfect, Women are central to life. Women are patient and enduring. Women practically, go into temporary death to bring children to life.

Anyone that derides, lowers esteem, curses or punches his wife, a housemaid or any woman at all, should stop it today…IT IS THE MOST GRIEVOUS CRIME AGAINST EVERYTHING DECENT! If your wife delivers a Babygirl and you walk out on her while still under hospital watch, you may need a mental reevaluation. Women do not deserve to be abused.

by ..Akin Fadeyi

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