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Nigerians reason on why education system may never work

A metaphorical joke is trending in Nigeria..categorization of university into 3, according to pocket depth.public for the children of poor ones, private for the rich, and foreign ,for the powerfuls in government and super rich.

Offline and online. Nigerians are of the opinion that it is almost impossible  for the children of the ordinary Nigerians to get quality education when most of our leaders send their children overseas to study and earn certificates that can be trusted.

And such that can put them at advantage in a highly sophisticated world of today while that same ruling class continue to neglect our own educational system from primary to tertiary level.

Rather that improving our education sector in other to give every Nigerian child a good footing in life.

They pay lip service to our collective desire for equal opportunity to such basic things like good education which any responsible government ought to guarantee for its people among other things.

The politicians and their privileged friends rather than emulate those noble standards they admire in foreign citadels and build in same in our local institutions chose to abandon them and allow millions of our helpless citizens to their fate while there own wards are sent to such countries where government is really responsive to the needs of her people. What a shame.

This is simply the pedagogy of the oppressed. Right now NASU is on strike and our representatives h is not showing any commitment to meeting their demands because none of them have their children in our public institutions. So long as those politicians are concerned, they can strike to eternity so we sidereal powerful politicians.

These vexations of Nigerians is largely aggravated by pictures of the powerful men and their graduating children on social media..Osinbajo, Buhari, Saraki ,Ekweremadu.  among others.

Yemi Osinbajo is Vice-President of Nigeria for over four years now,his son didn’t school in Nigeria.

Professor Osinbajo is distinguished Lecturer at Unilag for many years, but Unilag wasn’t okay for his son.

Yemi Osinbajo SAN was Attorney- General of Lagos State for many years and he must know about the state of LASU; surely his son wouldn’t have attended such a school.

Pastor Osinbajo is at the top echelons of RCCG and I can imagine he must be one of those God inspired to create a school called Redeemers University for his beloved children; Osinbajo’s son didn’t go there!

I am very much aware that private Nigerians, even those with far lesser means, ensure their children now school in Europe and America. It is something we may live with afterall it’s their personal funds from their sweat.

Prof Osinbajo by his own right may be rich enough to send his kids anywhere abroad to school BUT, as a serving Vice President and a part of the ACCUMULATED FAILURES OF LEADERSHIP in this country, he shouldn’t have been seen or heard PUBLICLY jubilating over such an event that otherwise should be a National Shame!

The parable of the CUNNING DOG who sneak its own offsprings to hide in the skies after having participated in devouring the offsprings of other animals!

These people must learn how to be responsible, to have shame, RESPECT THE SENSIBILITIES OF THE MASSES and to fear God!


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