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4 key arguments against Sowore’s #Revolution now!!

(1) Sowore continues to display infantile politics, masquerading as populist activism, the stuff of students union politics.
He once disrupt a press conference by a government minister in the US sometimes ago …his verbal tirades at Oni of Ife’s palace, He lacks schooling in progressive activism.

(2)  To ever publicly demand revolution against an elected government by anybody, group or entity is itself a treasonable offence.  With #RevolutionNow, Sowore many knew that he was playing with fire.

The DSS is an intelligence gathering security agency, they act based on privileged security Intels, so if they choose to go after a treasonous fellow is a gestapo like manner, it is left to them to help us curb another odious security threat in its embryo.

Free protest is different from calling for revolution, Sowore went above the board. The unimaginable suicide threat is the most inciting, and public peace is supreme.

(3) Sowore should have use the word protest  rather than revolution, he should have engineered and tailored his plans very well..And it is felubrate and tactless… an interviewer once asked Sowore, she said sir, do u mean protest or revolution and he replied in a loud voice revolution, and the interviewer asked him again don’t u think u might be trying to truncate of our democracy and he said I don’t care.. His versatility is impressive, but his political approach is zero..

(4). Sowore should not be organising a street revolution after attempting a ‘revolution’ at the ballot by contesting the 2019 presidential election. If he believes in democratic change of political leadership, he should stick to that paradigm. Change by any means is a dangerous precept.


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