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Root cause of increasing rape cases uncovered !

The kind of trash and obscene lyrics coming out of Nigerian music circle, aired on radio stations, clubs and bars is to say the least, crime inciting and our listening kids grow up to be both prey and predator youths.

Ninety percent of current lyrics that even supposed grown adults listen and dance to is all about money, wealth, adultery and fornication.

If it’s not eulogizing Dangote’s wealth, it will be Otedola and Bill Gate endless riches. The society at large establish effortlessly riches and not the road to it to know how it was earned or if earned.

Government will spend less in fighting rape related crimes and others if they engage especially music veterans as major stakeholders to reinvent and repackage the industry in a fashion consistent with the desire of nation that is highly security conscious of what is disseminated through songs, plays, dance and drama.

Where are those conscious lyrics that evoke nationalism, patriotism, true love, songs with lyrics that reminds us of the dignity in labor etc yet got us sweating on the dancefloor.

Everybody from parents, society and government must accept guilt for inadvertently encouraging insecurity that is haunting us all today by the things we prioritize, the people we eulogize and praise worship.

We must now retrace our steps, admit we missed it and start doing what is right and needful.

We support a “Safe Lyrics, Safe Future” Awareness Campaign.

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