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Posers for Sanwo Olu on Oniru’s events!

Nigerians and particularly Lagosians are worried, disturbed, by the structure and nature of events during Owambe party session @ the Oniru of Iruland installation.

Though, a rebuttal had been issued in respect of K1, performance via online, not physically present. The real cause for concern is  what can be the possible reason(s) for allowing such massive population at the installation ceremony of the Oba Oniru of Iruland on the Victoria Island..

Why would s governor who have been labouring, setting the pace and the rules on Covid 19, suddenly and momentarily slip off the line ?

While you were also present at the ceremony and very closer to you are some people without facemask, can it be said that the rules are for setting people or does it means that the Covid19 media awareness and enlightenment campaign were just a propaganda to play to the gallery?

The massive turn out at the Iga-idungaran was much than that of White House Protesters, the only difference in is the white house Protesters worn facemask and didn’t touch nor pulled each other..but in the case of the palace it was pulling, pushing, touching and some were half-naked with round stomachs sweating and shouting without facemasks…

At first, We thought it was recorded before April Covid19 , only to realized it was LIVE streaming..

After all the works energy, Mr Governor had put into making covid19 accepted as real virus and the enlightenment campaigns, this has showed that we all are at high risk if truly Covid19 is REAL.. except otherwise or will it be said that the whole Lagosians that attended the Installation of Oniru be place on 14days isolation or contact tracing!?

It’s so sad that this can happened in OUR Lagos…

This is about the second time such gathering is been seen in Lagos, the first was when all APC stakeholders met with Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, social distancing was not observed yet health workers and Presidential Taskforce waste my airtime on pay TV that dish out cautions and frightening us on how deadly Covid19 can be…

In Lagos State everyday numbers were increasing day in day out creating fears,yet the government were on do as I say attitudes.


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