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How Joe Biden defied a myriad of odds

Joe Biden is a man that defied a myriad of odds.
Joe was not a good student in college. His wife Nelia and daughter Naomi died in a car crash, while his two sons were badly injured in 1977. In 2015, his son Beau died of brain and cancer. Joe himself suffered from bleeding in the brain and needed brain surgery twice.
In 2016, after serving as Obama’s Vice for eight years, he was passed over and the Presidential ticket was given to Senator Hillary Clinton.
In 2020, he was mocked for being old, and flagrantly mocked by Trump for his gaffes (flip flops) while making public speeches. The same man has garnered the most votes ever recorded in any US Presidential election, and has turned Georgia, a traditional red State-Republican to Democratic State-blue. The question is, what has God seen in this man who suffered life tragedies, was not an excellent student, is not eloquent but rather posses signs of cognitive decline per his gaffes, and certainly very old-78years by the time he enters Office-oldest Presido to assume Office in the US..?

Whatever deformity you posses, whether ex convict status, lack of intellectual disabilities, intelligence, lack of education, poor background, gender inequality, creed, sexual orientation, etc…focus on your dreams, no one can stop you from getting there!!!

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