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Joe Biden teaches great humility lessons

Biden (November 20, 1942) is 19 years older than Obama (August 4, 1961). In rare circumstances, that’s old enough to be Obama’s dad. Fact checks: Biden is only 6 years younger than Obama’s dad, Barack Obama Snr, and he is a few days older than Barack’s mom, Ann Dunham.

Yet for those 8 years when they served together, Biden gave his full respect to Obama as his boss. Even four years down the road (when he no longer serves under him) he continues to treat Barack most respectfully as “my former boss”.

Biden was already a member of the US Senate when Obama was an 11 years old kid. When Biden first ran for US President in 1988, Barack was a yo yo 27 years old chap struggling to find his level in life.

It is one reason many are holding  Biden in such great regard. When you see a man who genuinely respects his seniors and his superiors, you see a man who is super confident in his own skin. A man like Joe Biden, set to run as the 46th President of the United States.

We learn everyday. Humility is not weakness; it is godliness. And it pays. It pays very well.

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