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Citizens knock Orji Kalu’s viral photo on ATM queue as ‘game plan’

Picture of Senate chief whip, Orji Uzor Kalu, at an ATM point currently trending has drawn lots of comments as to why Nigerians get excited when public figures are seen doing everyday things like anybody else.

“It’s really no big deal,” he said at the ATM plaza in Abuja when he was accosted by people.
The former governor took his time on the queue like everybody else and made his transaction when his turn came.

But many are waving it aside.. “This is sakamaje !…Game man!…Wayo….na attention seeking jor.

Another critics said “The rich will always steal from the poor in Nigeria, as ordinary people become overwhelmed and over celebrate orchestrated humble gestures and most often artificial acts of kindness. Simple, the lopesided 1999 constitution aimed and succeeded in denying the citizens provision of basic needs, which are stolen by the privileged. Haven taken over the people’s wealth as political leaders, top civil servants and contractors, they become tin gods and the citizens worship them and pay eulogies and sing panegyrics for them.

” So we have become attuned to subservient and obsequious worship of the rich whom we can trace their wealth or most of their wealth to the public till. This is despite our education. So it has become normal that there won’t be Medicare for the citizens, education in deplorable situation, poor infrastructure and we keep on praising those that impoverish us.

The trending photo has drawn the attention of the public eye which shows the Senate Chief Whip ,Senator Orji Uzor Kalu after he was spotted on an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) queue as he was about to carry out a transaction.

The photo which has since gone viral online, the Senate Chief Whip and 2014 Forbes rated Billionaire was pictured by a bystander as he patiently waited his turn with other users who were about to use the teller machine. The Senator was without his retinue of security and personal aides.

Although his actions may appear to have been unexpected, it is quite unusual for someone in a high position of power like a former Governor,Forbes rated Billionaire and current Principal officer in the Red-Chambers, to be spotted in such circumstances. This is usually because of safety and security reasons as well as the fact that there are always pressing issues that need the timely response of political office leaders.
Many Nigerians have continued to hail the meekness shown by the former governor.

Recall, that Senator Orji Uzor Kalu recently expressed his interest to purchase Top Rated English Football club Arsenal in which he staked 35%.

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