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Opinion) : Is there still a Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) ?

The relics of trash we import from China! .They are there on the streets.
, in the corners of our homes, at dump sites.. All useless.

What did Niyi Adebayo achieve as Ekiti governor as to merit his current job? Meanwhile, is there still a SON? Truth is, there’s no government in Nigeria, so, everything gets dumped on helpless citizens.

My home is full of relics, The bric-a-brac from blenders, torches(flash lights), mobile phone chargers, hotplates, toasters, standing fans and power extension boxes. These are the most I can remember of the products I have bought off the open market that all have two things in common: They are substandard and they are made in China! I have sworn that my next mobile phone will not be a Chinese product. Even if its made in Asia, let it be a different company. The Chinese and our country men that collude with them are taking us for a ride. You buy a product with good money and it does not last a fortnight before it begins to show faults and wear and tear. I had a particular week when both generators the main and its back up packed up. The back up is from China, the main from Japan. Are we so cursed in this country that we import a lot of trash for our own consumption? Does it really make sense for a few people to get rich off of importing substandard goods into our markets?The most annoying thing is we can produce most of these products ourselves at a higher standard. But we prefer to go and import. Our young adults have become handy men fixing the mess that the senseless Nigerian collaborators with Chinese manufacturers have brought into this country. My next generator and mobile phones will definitely not be Chinese purchased in Nigeria. If I find a friend or family going abroad this year, I will order a long list of kitchen equipment , mobile phones and accessories as well as tablets and microphones. I am tired of the siege the Chinese have laid to our markets and the ridiculous currency swap that is enriching a few and causing millions of others heart ache. What a mess. What does Niyi Adebayo, our Minister for Trade and Investment do these days? Has Okonjo Iweala not resumed at the World Trade Organisation? What are we waiting for? Should there not be moves to improve our balance of trade? What is going on in this country?

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