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(Opinion) : Spirit of Football

Between 8pm and 9:45 pm on Saturday May 29, 2021, the world was held spellbound.

The President of a superpower nation didn’t die. There wasn’t any new science discovery.

Not.even the controversial or rancorous presidential election of the United States of America could pin down the world into a common gathering.

The world was locked in one venue for 90 minutes. The world forgot about Covid-19 Pandemic, terrorism and racism among others.

The pains of unemployment, insecurity, poverty, inequality, injustice and hunger temporarily and partially disappeared…as the world took succour or solace in football.

All attention were shifted to the city of Porto in Portugal which played host to the 2021 Champions League final between Manchester City and Chelsea. Everyone travelled to Portugal if not physically, perhaps psychologically or even spiritually.

It was a trip to get away from the troubles of the world…the hustle and bustle of life especially the challenges of family pressure. It was a trip to have a feel of comfort, joy and fulfilment particularly for those who are passionate about football.

Tension doused. Blood pressure was controlled or checked. Every pain in the system of man called human anatomy by medical experts calmed.

Football became the doctor. The cure and the solution to all burdens. The world was at peace. Everyone was everyone’s friend.

In Nigeria, ethnic bigots dumped their madness to embrace football. Religious fanatics jetissioned their evil trademark. Even the kidnappers, bandits and terrorists suspended their mindless acts to join the sane world of football to celebrate the passion of the sport which is a bond holding the world together.

It was a night of excitement. A night of history. A night of memories that will.linger for ages. A night of relief to many and to other a night to be quickly wished away. A night of razzmatazz. A night of pain to some and pleasure to others. A night to be remembered.

Indeed, football has a spirit that commands all and controls the world. It is the spirit of fun, passion and fulfilment. It is the spirit of football. Certainly, football is fun…and football is life.

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