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(Opinion): Strategies and approaches towards achieving Yoruba Nation

If the “Yoruba Nation” fails to materialise, it’s not because the vision is wrong, but some of the strategies are whacked!
Sit down with others, of differing persuasions, who are not less ethnic than you; spread the message and agenda, and let them be crystal clear; develop incremental approaches and multi-level interfaces with other significant nationalities and political institutions; mobilise across across party lines, and sub-ethnic divisions; avoid indiscriminate abuses and curses on assumed opposers and luke-warmers to your cause; stop yelling your disaffection, and threatening mayhem against your unsupportive kins and outsiders, in public arenas…before rigorous thinking and planning.
The injustices and brutalities are there for all to see and feel; they are alarmingly recurring and are quite troubling to sane minds; the complicity, insensitivity and rigidity of current power-wielders are evident and unambiguous… Yes, all that is true, and more, we must nonetheless seek to reduce the tension (allow those gifted in diplomacy and peacekeeping to lead that aspect); we must protect our people (you know how to disarm and dismiss irritants and criminals without using arms – ask the people of Oke-Owa, in Ondo State); develop a thick skin to doubters and mockers (somewhere ahead you may still need even today’s enemies to join forces with you against clay-footed Goliaths); develop multi-level blocs of engagements with different layers of constitutional institutions (no country exists or restructures without some form of institutional framework and support).
Let us draft more strategies and approaches – and let the warriors calm down, and receive wise counsels…if the struggle is for a righteous cause, the destination is inevitable… don’t destroy the China shop in the hope of building a new shop somewhere else later… only God knows tomorrow, and the baggage therein. Let’s restrategise. Change is inevitable.

@ Femi Akintunde- Johnson. (FAJ

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