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I have read the extract from the CUBANA. I’m not against his money and what he deems fit to do with his money. My problem with him is trying to force his foolishness on everyone. The easiest way to convince people to believe you are intelligent is to remain silent. But the Anambra over hype Andrea couldn’t hold his tongue and end up showcasing his foolishness.
Now take a look at these, ” I gave N3m each to 53 of my boys in 2017 and today 48 of them are billionaires”.
I’m not rich but at the same time I refused to be foolish. What business does one does with N3m and within 36 months he is already a billionaire. Even if the business turn over is turn over monthly, that is just N108m in 36months. Which means they don’t pay salaries, no rent, no maintenance, no tax and they don’t even eat food. Jesus Christ.
Now he says they are into hotel and clubs business. Oh yeah. This is where he bursted himself. Those who projected him to be into drugs business have been vindicated. It’s very difficult to take stock of clubs and hotel business. Which makes the business the easiest avenue to launder illicit cash from drugs business.
Hey Mr CUBANA next time you feel like insulting people intelligence please do it at your village town hall meeting in Anambra. Poverty hasn’t eroded some of our senses .Good night. Mbok.
Lifted from a wall.
Ubong John Brendan
NB . Call it jealousy I don’t care. Some of us still have brain.

@ Maxwell Kumoye

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