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Prince Ifeanyi Dike remains grateful to wife’s brother who donated one kidney

He is dead now, but there are accounts that he remained grateful till death came.

Prince Ifeanyi Dike, actor, producer, TV presenter and businessman, may rightly pass for the proverbial cat with nine lives. Twice he’s undergone a kidney transplant – and on both occasions he came out victorious.

He once revealed.. “One about who gave him kidney…..”I had a donor and it is always very unique not to mention your donor. But I would say the donor was a relation of my wife.

” You know when you have this kind of issue, people start looking at you somehow. But the young man that gave me his kidney is a relation of my wife. That’s why I said my wife is a wonderful person.

When the reporter asked him :
Prior to your in-law donating the kidney, were there people you had approached and they turned you down?

He answered frankly :
Let me tell you something, if I ask you to give me your kidney, you can’t give me. It’s very scary. That is why anybody that has given you one, has given you life.

“That is why I think kidney donors should be treated specially. Do you know what it means to give an organ? In the process, some people can die. But somebody says I don’t want you to die, I will give you my kidney.

“I also want to thank my lovely wife for being there, because if she wasn’t there, I tell you, I don’t think you will be talking to this man now. Because my wife was 100 percent gidi gbam by my side. That’s how they say it. She stood gidi gbam by my side. She was supportive, she was wonderful, and if there is anything like the best wife around.

“I think I will continue to give her the title till the end of my life. So, it was an experience that really showed me a lot of things about people. It is only when you are down; people you don’t even think can come to your aid will just help you and those that you have faith in would come and look at you and say sorry and you know that sorry does not heal sickness, it doesn’t do anything…

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