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Coal pot and Charcoal, getting popular as alternative to cooking gas

Nigerians are sadly adjusting daily and gradually to the very hard economic situation they find themselves by seeking alternative and easier measures to survive.

How much is one kilogram of cooking gas in your area?

Survey has shown that most recently it goes for between N400 and N500 per kg.

This has chased poor Nigerians away from using cooking gas as most of them cannot afford to fill their gas cylinders regularly again.

The option they now fall back on is coal pot and charcoal which appears cheaper.

Kerosene stove is pretty difficult to use given the cost of kerosene. Funny enough, users say they have discovered that a litre of kerosene cannot even cook a pot of meal.

Why it dries off or get exhausted in the stove within a short time remains a mystery. This informed the decision by many families to fall back on coal pot and charcoal.

A coal pot depending on the size goes for between N3000 and N5000….and a bag of charcoal sells for between N3000 and N4000.

A bag of charcoal could last for about five weeks depending on usage.

So it is most economical to use coal pot and charcoal….except for the stress of having to fan it to stoke the fire and the smoke and ashes which may be of health concern to persons allergic to smoke.

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