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Opinion : God save us from Okadariders as daily prayer point

In the next three years or less, Okadamen will form a power bloc with enough muscle to challenge the government at all levels and there’d be no consequences. The signs of that are already are already bold. Their organisation and solidarity are one-of-a-kind and have enabled them to casually deposit gobs of spit on and piss at government regulations.

If they don’t kill or maim by reckless riding, they do by various acts of physical violence, including wanton murder of those luckless to have disputes with them. In states around the federation, except a few, they’re having a romp.

Governments, weak-willed and lacking nous, act like okadamen will, by magic, undergo successful personality transplants to become virtuous and regulation-respecting chaps. I’m optimistic it will happen, but not until they no longer have people to kill or maim and they kill enough of themselves to have acres of space to those remaining.

That, I think, is the restructuring envisaged by people in government. It will yield a new nation, the Federal Republic of Okada, an idyllic space with the world’s lowest population per square metre. We’re just a few years away from it.

This is the plain truth. Unfortunately, we are in the season of Okadamen. The political class will simply not be bothered about the evil; particularly as the elections approach.

What matters now is the size of votes to be delivered in Okada style. We can only hope and pray in this dangerous season of Okada mob.

Attempts to discipline them is seen as ethnic cleansing. Most of them are not Nigerians. They are too bold and quarrelsome, not to talk about their recklessness.

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